In just a few weeks, the people of Scotland will hold a referendum that regardless of the outcome will irrevocably change the future of the United Kingdom. Three years after the referendum campaign unofficially began and following an onslaught of argument, debate and misinformation on both sides, the question is: are you still paying attention? […]


Pro-union campaign group Better Together have been mocked for a referendum broadcast targeted towards undecided female voters. Supporters on both sides of the political divide took to social media to lambast the video for speaking down to female voters and condescending prospective supporters. The video, titled “The woman who made up her mind”, was posted […]


Scotland’s First Minister has said that he would quit his party and give up politics for good if it meant securing a Yes vote on Scottish independence. Alex Salmond made the claim during a public meeting in Arbroath yesterday evening. The SNP party leader has previously admitted his frustration at the Scottish independence referendum being regarded […]


The shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown has sparked violent protests, looting and rioting across the American suburb of Ferguson, Missouri. The area has been dubbed “Fergustan” on social media and likened to a “war zone” following the use of violent military tactics on US civilians, reporters and photographers. President Barack Obama said on […]


Yesterday, the Daily Record published an exclusive poll of 1000 Scottish women, asking for their views on the upcoming independence referendum and their thoughts on both the Yes and No campaigns. The printed results made for depressing reading. Out of the 1000 women asked, only 34 per cent say they are backing a Yes vote […]


  Downing street has today announced a list of 22 new life peers including The Apprentice star Karren Brady and Sir Stuart Rose, the Marks and Spencer chief turned NHS advisor. Of the 22, there are 12 new Conservative peers, six Liberal Democrats, three Labour and one Democratic Unionist. Half are women. The number of Liberal […]


Glasgow’s only Tory councillor has deactivated his Twitter account following public ridicule at his response to Glasgow City Council raising the Palestinian flag over the city chambers. David Meikle,  the Conservative Councillor for the Pollokshields Ward, earlier posted a picture to his Twitter account showing him holding an Israeli flag with the message: “I asked […]


Gerrymandering is a pretty confusing concept for those outside of the political bubble to get their heads around. Luckily for us, CPG Grey has decided to explain the whole thing using lovely animals and concepts normal humans can actually understand. Whilst this video focuses mainly on the American political system, gerrymandering is a problem throughout […]


The Prime Minister has launched a staunch defence of the government’s position on Gaza following the untimely resignation of Baroness Warsi. David Cameron said he had been ‘consistently clear’ in calls for peace adding the crisis in the region had become ‘intolerable’. Lady Warsi announced her departure from the government on Twitter this week by […]

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One of Scotland’s top breast surgeons has gone viral after issuing a grim warning over the future of the NHS if Scotland votes against independence. Dr Philippa Whitford, 55, broke ranks to predict that without independence the NHS in Scotland will simply wither away with the rest of the UK. She said: “In five years, England […]


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