When rumours of convicted rapist Ched Evans’ potential return to football first surfaced, there was a fairly resounding mood of disbelief. Whist legally speaking, there was nothing to suggest that Evans could not return to his previous life, most had assumed that his footballing career was over. Interestingly, the case raised an ethical dilemma that […]


This video of Channel 4′s economic editor has gone viral over the last few days. In it, Paul Mason offers his raw thoughts on the news, saying he is ‘sick’ of returning to film outside the RBS offices in London after years of banking scandals. As six banks are fined £2.6bn for market rigging, he […]


Protesters from the ‘hacktivist group’ Anonymous and other pro-democracy movements will take to the streets of Glasgow this November 5 to join demonstrators around the world in taking on big corporations and corrupt public bodies. The Bonfire Night demonstration, which is organised under the name ‘Million Mask March’ – a reference to Guy Fawkes masks, […]

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A spoken word event to celebrate the life of Tony Benn is set to take place in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall on November 20. The concert will feature friends, colleagues, musicians and performers joining in tribute to the man once dubbed the “most dangerous in Britain”, who later went on to become regarded by many […]

Conservative Party Conference

If you’re a human and not just some sort of experimental political anorak, chances are you didn’t make it all the way through the Conservative Party conference without at least taking a break. Thankfully for you, we’ve got the very best thing to come out of the whole experience anyway – unless you’re a fan […]


It was the second Conservative defection to UKIP in less than a month and could be yet another sign of the growing disillusionment with the current Westminster brand of politics. Mark Reckless, who ditched the Conservative party in favour of UKIP this week, described the Tories as being “out of touch” with the British public. Mr Reckless said the […]


So Scotland has voted. The referendum campaign has come to an end and for now, Scotland will remain a part of the union. For many, the result will have come as a shock – for others more of a relief. But regardless of how you voted – or how you wish you had voted, one […]


MPs accused of fiddling their expenses will be offered fresh protections under new secrecy laws announced last night. The new rules, proposed by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), are designed to hide from the public the identity of MPs who have been accused of expenses fraud. The expenses watchdog also plans to bar the […]

Tory poster

The 1948 Act establishing the NHS gave the Secretary of State for Health the duty to provide universal healthcare. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 removes this duty and introduces a market. Allyson Pollock describes why this should be a worry for all of us. Allyson Pollock is Professor of Public Health Research & […]


I was not always a supporter of Scottish independence. Like many other people in Scotland, I started out staunchly in the No camp but gradually found myself leaning more and more towards a Yes vote as the campaign progressed. By the time the final weeks began to draw in, I somehow found myself a keen […]


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