Episode 1 of the Politics And That Podcast sees Derek Healey speak to Darren Carnegie from Glasgow’s Needy. The group have been controversial and attracted criticism for their “firebrand” style but have also managed to push themselves to the forefront of the fight for social justice in Glasgow. Perhaps most famous for arranging an impromptu […]


During a celebration of the Day of Democracy and Human rights – arranged by the government to celebrate the 31st anniversary of a return to democracy in Argentina, the country’s president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner threw down some serious shapes. With a leader of the opposition who spends his nights just reading about drugs and […]


Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox has today released a video suggesting that Christians shouldn’t “apologise for Christmas”. Yesterday, he made a similar appeal via the newspapers, days after David Cameron’s family Christmas card was panned for “lacking Christian tradition”. In the spectacularly awkward minute-long video that arguably entirely misses the point of the original Cameron Christmas card debacle, Fox regales us […]

Labour Scottish leadership hustings - Glasgow

The upcoming Scottish Labour leadership election won’t be enough to turn around the fortunes of the struggling party, a prominent Labour MSP has claimed. Malcolm Chisholm, a well-known party figure who has held high-ranking positions such as Health Secretary and Shadow Minister for Culture and External Affairs, said that none of the candidates would be […]

Stop the Great Fuel Robbery - London, UK 16.02.2013

More than two-thirds of Scottish pensioner couple households are now living in fuel poverty, a leading old age charity has warned. Age Scotland has called for the government to act after the Scottish House Condition Survey revealed the extent of fuel poverty among Scotland’s elderly and warned that previous findings may have “seriously underestimated” the […]


The UK spends less on social security, benefits and healthcare than any other Northern European country, a report from the Office for National Statistics has revealed. The report, which compared the combined spending per head of population, found that the UK’s spending on ‘social protection’ is lower than its counterparts in the likes of France, […]


Jolyon Rubinstein, from BBC Three’s The Revolution Will Be Televised, has started a campaign to spark a debate about the importance of truth in politics. He says that the time has come to look again at why so few people trust politicians and consider whether it should be illegal for MPs to lie to Parliament. […]


Protesters swarmed the streets of New York and other US cities last night in a largely peaceful protest following the decision not to indict the police officer involved in the death of unarmed black civilian Eric Garner. Thousands marched through the streets of the New York City, with one group carrying fake coffins bearing the […]


Here’s a video of some idiots burning paper. It would almost be funny if they weren’t, you know, supposed to be involved in running a council. Councils: those things that actually impact on people’s standard of life. Regardless of where you stand on Scottish independence, you should probably watch this and despair. All three apparently […]


Christmas time has some very strong connotations. When we think of ourselves getting into the festive spirit, we often think of warm fireplaces or opening presents with our family by the tree. Perhaps you think of Christmas dinner or gingerbread coffees or getting on your best party gear and heading out on the town for […]


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